Hello world!  A traveler’s Manifesto

All writing must serve a purpose.  Reduce your thoughts in a blog so that people have the time to read it.  Brush your teeth twice a day.  No one wants to see all of the pictures that you took on your trips.  In fact, no one wants to view your photos in general unless they are in them themselves.  Sleep at least eight hours every night.  You’ll never be as good as the next person.  Always eat your vegetables.  Why write something down that you will never read again yourself?  Who cares about what you have to say about trips they’ve never taken? Our lives are always full of rules and second guessing, but if I listened to everything I was told in life, I probably wouldn’t be very far ahead at this point either (though maybe I’d be healthier and more polite).


For those of you looking for some cute explanation as to why I am doing this, then you are in the wrong place.  My travels started long before this and they will probably continue long after I stop, but I wanted to start writing this travel blog because, quite frankly, I don’t want to forget any more amazing moments of my life- and I’d be honored for you to join me along the way!


The world is full of adventures- journeys full of amazing people, things to see and food to eat.  And I want to see as much of it as possible before I leave this place.  So for those of you interested enough to read on please do.  If it gets dull, skip ahead.  Regardless, thank you so much for your interest my thoughts and experiences, or at the least indulging my craziness. And as always- get out and enjoy your life today, we never get a second chance to spend our life a different way.


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